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What was said in libera #gtk-gnutella on 05/17/2023:

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  3. 06:18:35 ram: testone: no, this detach/re-attach would require that the GUI be totally decoupled from the core. This is not the case. There is internally a separation by an internal "API" that prevents most of the sharing of the data structures, but some pieces still break this and there would be a non-negligible effort to separate the core/GUI processes and create a network protocol between the two.
  4. 06:20:13 ram: testone: if you accidentally "kill" GTKG unless you use SIGKILL, the signal will be trapped an a "clean" shutdown done. If you use SIGKILL, then most of the things but the latest operations will still be preserved thanks to the background regular syncing to disk of the search / download queue.
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  10. 14:36:29 testone: tnx for the replies
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